Enterprises can achieve

the best balance

between network and security according to their own situation.

SD-WAN Business Scenario

Cross-Border Acceleration Line

• Provide customers with secure and independent end-to-end cross-border acceleration solutions

• Reduce the barriers to entry for operators' cross-border MPLS leased lines and provide customers with end-to-end independent secure tunnels

• Solve the problem of self-built Gateway coverage by integrating cloudized gateway + Cloud Connect

SD-WAN Business Scenario

One Type Cloud

• Help customers achieve multi-cloud convergence, connect to mobile government and enterprise cloud platforms and other public clouds

• Provide more secure and lower cost cloud access solutions

• Multiple WAN access methods to provide communication guarantee

• Combine SD-WAN and security virtualization products to create relevant security value-added services for users

SD-WAN Business Scenario

Extended IP Bearer Network

• Can cover all branches of the enterprise, lower the threshold and fully solve the problem of the last mile

• Operators provide value-added services in private network resources for use by enterprises

• Operators can provide infrastructure hosting services for enterprises, reducing business operating costs

SD-WAN Business Scenario

Infrastructure Hosting Business (SaaS)

• Help customers build self-organizing WANs, provide users with controller hosting services, and provide SaaS services

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