Access Control

Access Control

Digitalsystem uses domestic advanced technology to design a scientific access control system based on business needs. Commonly used technologies can be divided into multi-door network access control system and single-door single-access control system according to the connection mode; according to the data reading mode, it can be divided into inductive, cryptographic, induction + cryptographic; swipe, swipe + inductive, swipe + Cryptography; fingerprint, fingerprint + password (online and offline) and other methods, effectively solve personnel access, authorization, query, statistics and burglar alarm, security and other issues to help enterprises conduct effective business management.

Widely applicable to various confidential departments, such as banks, hotels, yard management, machine rooms, armory, confidential rooms, office rooms, intelligent communities, factories, etc.

Application Scenarios

1. Real-time monitoring and recording of computer network, you can check the entry and exit status and history at any time.

2. The system can be set to multiple levels as needed to ensure system security.

3. It has good expandability and can be connected with camera, infrared probe, and other monitoring equipment.

4. The control center can establish a staff database through the computer.

5. Conveniently implement multi-level management functions.

Our Solutions

Enterprise access control management system solution

Face recognition access control system solution

School access control system program

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