Faster deployment and lower risk.

Make organizations more scalable and cloud-portable.

Cloud native application platform

Manage modern enterprise applications and software-defined data centers to help companies complete the digital transformation driven by the technology-oriented Internet.

Application cloud

Easily scale applications flexibly to handle growing business demands and reduce multi-tenant PaaS thresholds.


Based on container technology, Pod and Stack microservice orchestration can support microservice architecture.


Align development and operation, optimize enterprise application delivery processes.

Simplify resource management

Leverage the speed and agility of the container to implement container clustering on top of existing IT infrastructure.

Cloud Native Features

Micro service

Distributed application management, distributed database, visual application templates, microservice application orchestration and deployment.


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No matter what your application turns into a language framework: such as Java, Net, NodeJS, etc., we can build a unified standard Docker image.


Container failure self-healing, automatic elastic scaling, custom monitoring panel, custom business indicator monitoring and alarm.


Help enterprises manage and distribute IT resources; and generate resource consumption reports with one click to help enterprises control costs.


Help users quickly build distributed applications, using yaml or json format templates to define application modules.

The importance of cloud native applications

Competitive advantages

Rapidly building business and delivering quickly to respond to customer needs will give companies the edge to dominate the market.

Developers work at their best

It saves developers the overhead of writing code for running and extending, allowing them to focus on writing code that delivers customer value.

Coordinate operations

By automating IT operations, companies can transform into a focused lean team that aligns with business priorities.

We’ll help you turn IT challenges into meaningful outcomes.