Multimedia System

Multimedia System

Digitalsystem uses domestic advanced technology, using modern numerical control technology and digital multimedia applications, combined with computer terminal control, using system data information processing computing system, selecting high-end products, system planning, creating scientific multimedia systems, conference calls, video conferencing, etc. Through transmission lines and multimedia devices, voice, video and file data are transmitted to each other to realize instant and interactive communication to achieve system functions for conference purposes.

Widely used in key industries such as finance, energy, communications, transportation, medical care, and education.

Application Scenarios

1. Easy to use

2. Excellent quality

3. Saving costs

4. Business expandable

5. Open international video conferencing function

6. To achieve multi-person and multi-party domestic and international conference calls during the conference

Our Solutions

School enterprise multimedia conference system solution

Small multimedia conference room solution

Multi-function hall / multi-function room system solution

Remote network video conferencing system solution

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