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between network and security according to their own situation.

Demand Analysis

Introduction to WAN branch management

Will have a huge impact on companies with thousands of branches or remote sites, saving a lot of IT management costs

Increase bandwidth and reliability

MPLS networks may become expensive due to the geographical location of branch offices. It is very urgent to reduce WAN operation costs in some way.

Optimize cloud application access efficiency

With a large number of applications migrating to the cloud, users expect better access efficiency

Our solution

Increase network capacity centralized site management for lower operating costs

SD-WAN can optimize network capacity by adding a cheaper Internet network, whether it is a primary connection or a secondary connection. And the cloud management platform can simplify the management of branches to reduce operating costs. The cloud management platform also has application-based traffic statistics and analysis.

Protection of critical applications

SD-WAN can be protected by setting policies based on critical applications; non-critical applications can access enough critical bandwidth and meet SLAs through access to such critical applications.

Faster access to the cloud and international resources

SD-WAN enables users to access public cloud resources more quickly through Cloud OnRamp technology, while relying on encrypted tunneling technology to enable users to access international resources faster.

Rapid Deployment

Relying on the DigitalSystem global node, it can be quickly deployed and connected to the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa.

User Reviews

「Our virtual network services project uses Digitalsystem's SD-WAN products, which can be deployed on thousands of clients for digital transformation and help organizations accelerate cloud deployment while reducing IT complexity and controlling costs.」

- WITS Senior vice president Shawn Hakl

「With DigitalsystemSD-WAN, my job as a network administrator has become much easier. If you want to deploy new configuration and change principles throughout the network, it used to take a lot of time and you need to touch multiple devices one by one, now it only takes a few minutes.」

- ELETON Network administrator Jack Castle

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