Whether your home is a flat layer or villa, newly installed or modified, Digitalsystem single, powerful platform can work with you to home technology products, allowing you to experience the full, exciting intelligent life eleven to fit your life intelligent control of lifestyle so that you and your family are very easy to use to use, and fun in which ! With just one touch, you can dim the lights, play high-fidelity music, adjust to a comfortable temperature, lock the door and turn on the security system. And, no matter where you are, you can always see what's happening at home. Such a smart life experience makes you unable to imagine a life without intelligence before.

Control Management System

Intelligent central control refers to the house as a platform to build both buildings, network communications, information appliances, automation equipment, set system, structure, service and management as one of the efficient, comfortable, safe, convenient, environmentally friendly living environment, the home various devices are connected together, to provide home appliance control, lighting control, curtain control, telephone remote control, indoor and outdoor remote control, burglar alarm and other functions programmable timing control means and to help families with the external holding exchange of information flow, optimization people's lives way to help people effectively to arrange a time to enhance home life security.

Home Theatre

Park lighting often includes landscape greening, road lighting, building flood lighting, and square lighting. Different types of lighting requirements are different. The park's lighting control system needs to meet diverse lighting requirements. The park lighting monitoring cloud platform can integrate different types of lighting into a unified system platform for centralized management . When night comes, usually, holidays Day , an important event date will automatically turn on the lights of different scenarios , to meet different occasions lighting needs .

Lighting Control System

Realize the intelligent management of the whole house light. You can use a variety of intelligent control methods such as remote control to achieve the remote control of the whole house light. To achieve the energy saving, environmental protection, comfort and convenience functions of intelligent lighting.

Security Surveillance System

Home security system includes door magnetic switch , emergency help, smoke detection alarm, gas leakage alarm, broken glass detection alarm, infrared microwave detection alarm, etc. Security systems can unfamiliar invasion, the situation is a gas leak, fire, etc. to detect and notify the owner.

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