Today's warehouses are relatively large in area and relatively complex in structure. Therefore, more subsystems are contained in the low voltage system of the warehouse. The construction of the low voltage system is different from that of a general system. Digitalsystem will start from the customer's needs and combine the analysis of the actual situation, including technical design, products, information, environment, policies and other possibilities, to build a reasonable overall plan for the warehouse low voltage system tailored for the customer.

System Integration

Professional inventory management systems can help customer’s warehouse improve workflow, enhance operation efficiency, reduce operating costs and increase business profits. We provide a variety of SAP services and ERP systems to help customers improve their agility, competitiveness and efficiency.

Wi-Fi Coverage

Warehouse usually has a large space and many digital devices are mobile. Traditional fixed Ethernet cabling is difficult to accommodate the information control and mobile terminal access conveniently, economically and quickly. Only by using mature and reliable WLAN technology can we solve the problem. We provide a professional team to choose a reasonable Wi-Fi setting and set the appropriate wireless access point according to the actual environment, and adopt the 802.11 series standards for wireless LAN to provide relatively stable network communication services for practical applications.

Fire And Anti-Theft Alarm System

The warehouse plays a very important role as the distribution center for materials and final products. Our fire and anti-theft alarm system is equipped with the Alean smoke detector in the front end, and use 485 bus protocol or TCP / IP communication method for the system. When a fire occurs, the smoke detector is triggered, and an alarm signal (switching signal) will be issued. The back-end server room alarm system will transmit the signal to the relay linkage module, which outputs the switch signal to perform alarm linkage with DVR or NVR. Video surveillance system TV wall or monitor normally displays multiple pictures, but when an alarm is received, a single picture will pop up due to the integrated linkage of the alarm system and the surveillance system.

Public Broadcasting System

The system includes basic public broadcasting and fire broadcasting, which can meet the needs of public broadcasting, background music and general broadcasting, as well as emergency broadcasting in fire emergency situations. For the warehouse public broadcasting system, we provide professional solutions: in addition to daily broadcasting and emergency broadcasting, the system also allows partition setting, multi-music output, timed music broadcasting, and system monitoring.

Video Surveillance System

To prevent the loss of logistics products and find the lost items, which is a major focus of the warehouse, the video security surveillance system plays a vital role in the low voltage system of the logistics warehousing industry. The surveillance system we provide is composed of data collection and analysis, management control server and control display screens, to achieve security management of important locations in the warehouse. Utilizing information control and processing, artificial intelligence and multimedia technologies, through the integration of intelligent video surveillance, intrusion detection, identity recognition and authentication, display and alarm, etc., a set of digital, intelligent, and networked security technology prevention systems are formed to meet the need of warehouse security management and technological prevention.

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