Enterprises can achieve the best balance

between network and security according to their own situation.


SD-WAN (Software-defined WAN), through the use of virtualization technology, application-level policies and overlay networks, achieve two purposes:

1. Comprehensively utilize multiple shared or private links to enable common links to achieve dedicated line network quality, reduce traffic costs, and increase bandwidth.

2. According to the current network situation and the configured policy, the optimal path is automatically selected to achieve load balancing and ensure network quality.

Why Choose SD-WAN

Shorten function implementation time

Rapid deployment of new branch offices via any transmission line (LTE/Broadband/MPLS/VSAT); Enable new services or implementation strategies through centralized management; Streamline operational workflows with built-in automation

Reduce costs by at least 50%

Migrate from MPLS to hybrid WAN; get 10x bandwidth at half the cost; optimize transmission line usage and capacity

Ensure that any application implements zero interrupts

Provide multiple hybrid links with dual-active capabilities; perform real-time flow control on upstream network issues; customize SLA-based policies for each application

Cloud optimization network

WAN seamlessly scales to AWS and Azure; optimizes SaaS performance for applications such as Office 365, Salesforce, and unified enterprise WAN policies for cloud and local workloads

Enhanced security network

Comprehensive security through hybrid links; Reduce the attack surface of IoT, partner networks, clouds, guest wireless networks with network segmentation; Insert Umbrella, Zscaler, Palo Alto and other network services on demand

Advanced analysis

Application and infrastructure visibility for fast fault correlation; complex forecasting and what-if analysis for effective resource planning; providing insightful advice on policy changes based on traffic patterns

The difference between SD-WAN and traditional WAN

SD-WAN sleeps safely

Still worried that you can't sleep well? As your backing, SD-WAN will bring your strengths and core to the limit. From the user to the application, we will guarantee its security and reject all bugs.

WAN stays overtime all night

Do you want to sleep well? No, you have to be awake, and maybe the next second will be threatened and erode your network.

SD-WAN deployment in hours

Policy changes? A piece of cake. Global deployment? no problem. You have centralized and visual management, which means you can deploy policies globally and execute them at the application level in real time.

WAN deployment for several months

Regarding your planned holiday next month, you may have to fly around the world to deploy your network in the next few months due to policy changes in the app.

SD-WAN to get the best performance of the application

WAN traffic is exploding and your application can run like a clock. SD-WAN is not just about increasing bandwidth. It dynamically controls traffic around network issues; to optimize the delivery of business applications. Simultaneously simplify and protect your cloudy management.

WAN needs maintenance

In the morning, as soon as you open your email, the notification letter in the inbox is irritating: the application runs slowly, the bandwidth is bottlenecked; the congestion, high latency connection, link failure, etc. Cloud-based applications will be more complex if they don't have the right network structure.

SD-WAN zero contact

Now is the time to work, for the key moments of the company's online application now, you choose to do resource allocation in the long night? With SD-WAN, deployment is simple, secure, and centrally managed, directly through the cloud. Go and clean up, get ready to go home and sleep. Plan B is no longer needed.

There is a problem with the WAN

Today is the key to the company's online application, but you can't take it lightly because thousands of endpoints are in your hands. You can choose to tap the keyboard with your head; or take a deep breath, then smoke a cigarette and cook a pot of coffee, which is a long night.

We’ll help you turn IT challenges into meaningful outcomes.